Register-Mail Internship: Week 8

Ever since I came to Galesburg, I’ve been on the lookout for a golden hour harvest photo. I scouted a few spots that I’d keep an eye on but for one reason or another, it never panned out. This week, as I’m leaving football practice 45 minutes away for the weekly vid, I stumbled onto one of my favorite shots I’ve had so far. We ended up using it for a harvest story later in the week so it was a good find.

I also covered a domestic abuse rally this week. One woman came to the podium to talk about how she was nearly beat to death while pictures of her swollen face played on the screen. Very emotional. After the rally was a candlelight vigil, which I was really looking forward to, until we went outside. The light from the street lights was absolutely dreadful. I struggled to find a frame I was happy with to go A1, and I came up with one by the skin of my teeth. I am planning a big multimedia piece next week on a local football team as they head into the playoffs undefeated, so stay tuned.


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